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When a client comes to us, nine times out of ten, they’re looking to modify their website due to one of the following three reasons:

  • They’re unhappy with the conversion rate of their current website.
  • Their brand or products have changed substantially enough to warrant a new website.
  • There is an operational, management or technology issue grave enough to require migrating or updating their e-commerce platform.


In any one of these three instances, it’s our job to figure out what is the most effective means of addressing the issue. In order to do this, we need to articulate the e-commerce project requirements necessary for creating such a solution. Although it’s likely to take the shape as some sort of website engagement, it’s critical that we first analyze their business to determine other opportunities for growth and whether they might impact how we’d approach the e-commerce project. This analysis is assembled in a document we refer to as the E-Commerce Roadmap. Once those opportunities are identified, we can then more accurately assemble a plan for their initial website project and have other ideas in mind for subsequent improvements they can make to their business. This analysis is assembled in a document we refer to as the Project Scope.

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